Budget Yugioh Spotlight – Obedient Fabled

Hey everyone, in light of the new Legacy of the Valiant set, and witnessing the awesomeness of this deck, I felt it was time to give the spotlight to an AWESOME new deck on the horizon that is great for budget now, but may not be for long! This deck already had a feature match at YCS Atlanta piloted by Ian Fraser, and has a lot of talk on the grapevine about it. The decklist is actually provided by my brother, who has been playtesting the deck online a ton to great success (you can check out this match he posted here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWUEO4ojzgE and subscribe to his videos – PringerX05). I’ve played this deck a number of times with my own little homebrew (more on that later!) and it’s horrifying to watch the sorts of things you can do. The decklist has been tweaked here a little to try and provide a better budget build, but check PringerX’s Youtube if you want to see exactly how he has built it!

(All prices are taken from Chaos Cards as of January 31st 2014 where possible or eBay if unavailable and are in pounds sterling)

Monsters – 23 – £28.42

  • 3 x Fabled Grimro – £2.95
  • 3 x The Fabled Ganashia – £0.50
  • 1 x Fabled Kushano – £0.90
  • 3 x The Fabled Nozoochee – £0.29
  • 3 x The Fabled Cerburrel – £3.95
  • 2 x Baby Raccoon Ponpoko – £0.20
  • 2 x Baby Raccoon Tantan – £0.20
  • 2 x Swift Scarecrow – £0.50
  • 1 x The Fabled Catsith – £0.45
  • 3 x The Fabled Chawa – £0.60

Spells – 11 – £19.90

  • 1 x One Day of Peace – £1.80
  • 3 x Obedience Schooled – £3.70
  • 3 x Dark World Dealings – £1.50
  • 2 x Monster Reincarnation – £0.75
  • 2 x Mystical Space Typhoon – £0.50


Traps – 7 – £6.70

  • 3 x Reckless Greed – £0.80
  • 2 x Phoenix Wing Wind Blast – £1.40
  • 1 x Compulsory Evacuation Device – £0.50
  • 1 x Threatening Roar – £0.50

Extra Deck – 15 – £22.70

  • 3 x Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu – £1
  • 3 x The Fabled Unicore – £1.50
  • 1 x The Fabled Kudabbi – £0.50
  • 1 x Powered Inzektron – £1.20
  • 1 x Fabled Ragin – £3
  • 1 x Stardust Dragon – £3
  • 1 x Gachi Gachi Gantetsu – £0.50
  • 1 x Ally of Justice Catastor -£1
  • 1 x Formula Syncron – £1
  • 1 x Armory Arm – £3
  • 1 x Herald of Pure Light – £2


Total Deck Costs (without Side deck) – £77.72

Okay, so this deck costs a little more than my other decks do, but it’s definately one thats going to be on the rise for a while. Obedience Schooled is an outright fantastic card that you can still pick up on the cheap, and SHOULD. Cerburrels are also in short supply, so if this deck DOES start to take off, they will also rise in price.


The focus of this deck comes in the form of 2 heavily underplayed Extra Deck monsters: The Fabled Unicore and Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu. Both of these monsters can be devastating in the right hands, and the glory card of this deck – Obedience Schooled, makes it extraordinarily easy to play either of them. Obedience Schooled allows you to summon 3 Level 2 or lower Beast monsters while you control none (note; no “while your opponent controls a monster” clause!), making a lethal turn one play. Starting the game with a Unicore and, if you normal summon a Level 2 Beast like say… Ponpoko, a Number 64: Sandayu while still maintaining a next to full hand is outright scary. After getting these 2 out, its a simple matter of trying to keep them alive using Unicore to control the board, and taking your opponent out with Sandayu’s tokens, which will always be at least as big as your opponent’s biggest monster. Sandayu also cannot be killed for as long as Unicore is on the field (or any other Beast), so you can focus all your resources on keeping Unicore alive while letting Sandayu do his thing. By the time your opponent has spent his resources getting rid of your two guys, you’ll have hopefully built up enough cards to make another similar play, forcing your opponent into a similar situation. You can even make an Armory Arm and equip it to The Fabled Unicore to make him even harder to kill while making him a viable threat to end the game if left unchecked.

This isn’t to say that Obedience Schooled is your only play. The Fabled monsters are quite capable of holding their own, they have great synergy with each other, allowing for even more Rank 2 XYZ/Level 4 Synchro plays. Use Ganashia and Chawa, or Cerburrel and Nozzooche for an instant Unicore, or, if you’re running low on resources, use Cerburrel and Ganashia to play Fabled Ragin, drawing you some extra momentum. The nice thing about The Fabled is that, unlike Dark World monsters, they don’t have to be discarded for effects in order to use their graveyard-activated abilities. This means that you can break even with cards like Phoenix Wing Wind Blast or Monster Reincarnation if you’ve discarded a monster that special summons itself for doing so, while setting up your next big move.

This decks main upgrade comes in the form of, yes, you guessed it, hand traps. Maxx C and Effect Veiler are absolutely invaluable in this deck, and it isn’t even just due to them being straight up good cards either. While you have The Fabled Unicore out, your opponent will be trying to maneuver their hand to make it so that their plays are successful. This usually results in them setting a card to make their hand even to yours, then making the card they play (Dark Hole) for example, put them one card under you. If you then chain Maxx C or Effect Veiler to that card, you’ll then be back to being even again, allowing Unicore to cancel out whatever card they were trying to play. D.D. Crow is growing in popularity, so you may even want to try him out in your main deck! The Extra Deck can also be upgraded quite heavily with extra Level 5 Synchros like Armades, Keeper of Illusions or even Naturia Beast. Naturia Beast gets a special mention here, as this deck is capable of playing him turn 1 should you play a Key Mouse in your deck. Play Obedience Schooled, summoning one of each of the two Raccoons and a Key Mouse, all 3 of which are Earth monsters and Synchro them all together. This gives you a much stronger turn 1 against spell-reliant decks like Prophecy and Dark World. Fabled Grimro is a great searcher for all the different Fabled monsters, and actually isn’t all that expensive (about £4-5).

If you need to shave a bit of weight off the price tag, my best suggestion is to try diminishing the size of the extra deck first, as you’ll primarily be going into Unicore and Sandayu. It’s not ideal, but if you need to cut costs, you need to cut something. You can change Dark World Dealings for Raigeki Break, giving you a bit more control while still maintaining the discard outlet. You could drop Swift Scarecrow for something cheaper, as Swift Scarecrow is better at defending you than Unicore, but there isn’t much out there thats cheaper than Scarecrow that really helps you, and really thats all you can really do to cut costs on this deck, though that shouldn’t discourage you.

I think Obedience Schooled has skyrocketed The Fabled and the Raccoon monsters into truly competitive levels, and it would be truly shameful to not at least acknowledge their playability. Their speed and consistency is that much stronger now. What do you think? Leave a comment or check out the Facebook group (Zer0shifted) or Tweet me @Zer0shifted! Also don’t forget to check out PringerX05 on Youtube to see the deck in action!


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