What we’re about!


So here’s the first post on Zer0shifted, the blog aimed at gamers, but not in the way in which we are accustomed to.

There’s a ton of sites around that are dedicated to news for games, reviews for games and competitive events for games, but what about the gamers themselves? What about the guys and girls who don’t necessarily base their view of games solely on its metascore or other reviews? I’m not talking exclusively about video games either, what about card games like Yugioh or Magic the Gathering? They have a certain stigma about them, but we notice that the stigma isn’t about the games themselves, but more the people that play them. Think about who you imagine to be a Pokemon TCG player, or a D&D player, or a competitive Street Fighter player; it’s fairly easy to assume the kinds of images that come to mind. Zer0shifted aims to break down these stereotypes and show the individuals point of view on games.

We’ll have posts up looking at games that might’ve flown under your radar, posts looking at big events and even tournament videos from local game stores! So enjoy!


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